Hi, and welcome to my little Tori Amos page!!!

On January 20, 2003 I went to my very first Tori concert with a friend, in Ahoy, Rotterdam (The Netherlands). It was a great show and I enjoyed every minute of it.

We had tickets for the 3rd row, on the right side of the stage. And it really was the *right* side of the stage, since Tori was looking at us almost all the time...

I had a camera with me and I managed to take some pictures (with a 105mm zoom lens), and now I am happy to share them with you. They're not always very sharp but hey, they're for free! :-)

Just click on the thumbnails in the left window to see a large version of each picture... feel free to share them with others and/or to use them within your website, but don't forget to mention where you've got them from...


Micio Nero